机器人 机器人
An epic screen that turns advanced tasks into brilliant,immersive experiences.
JiangXi SenLan technology co.,LTD. is a technology company established in 2015,focus on robot products and service,and whose headquarters is located in Nanchang,the provincial city of JiangXi,its main products covered industrial robot ontology made through independent research and development,special robot and related intelligence platform and equipment, and Software-as-a-Service(Saas) platform in various professional fields.
With personnel of high quality and strong sense of responsibility in mechanical,electronic circuits software research And development,and with the development of the products,Sen Lan has got a robot's technology research and development team that dare to endurehardship and be brave in exploring and innovating.

产品参数/Product Parameters

产品 机械臂
物理特性 机器人安装 落地式
机器人底座尺寸 90.5X70mm
重量 1.28kg
规格 机器人 称重能力0.14kg 第5轴到达距离306.29mm
附加载荷 第1轴 1.103kg,第3轴 0.2013kg
轴数 机器人本体 6,外部设备 6
运动(轴运动) 第1轴 工作范围35-155度,最高速度0.11sec/60°
第2轴 工作范围35-155度,最高速度0.11sec/60°
第3轴 工作范围35-155度,最高速度0.11sec/60°
第4轴 工作范围35-155度,最高速度0.11sec/60°
第5轴 工作范围0-108度,最高速度0.07sec/60°
第6轴 工作范围10-160度,最高速度0.07sec/60°
电气连接 电源电压 12V
额定功率 0.42-19.8W
环境 环境温度 5-45°
相对湿度 最高95%
防护等级 机械设备需干燥环境
噪音水平 10dB